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Sun keyboard to PC serial port adapter

Many people have dreamed having their Sun Type 4 or Type 5 keyboard attached to their Linux box up to now. And with this adapter, it is finally possible. Because the standard Sun keyboards use TTL RS232 at 1200 bps to talk to the Suns, it's very easy to make them talk to any non-Sun computer by converting this to true RS232. All what you need is a MAX232 chip that'll take care about the correct voltage levels, and also some chip to invert the signals (CD4049 in the pic, I've used a 7400 quad-nand myself), since the MAX232 inverts them as well, and we don't need this. This all easily fits into a 25-pin serial connector. The schematic below was drawn by Leonardo M. Teixiera <>.

Sun to RS232 interface schematic

Parport to AUX port adapter

In some cases one kbd port and one aux port is not enough and you may want to add another keyboard or mouse. You can use this adapter, together with the parkbd.c module for that. Schematics will follow sometime later.

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